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The shepherds were watching over their flock; this is an ideal setting for spiritual progress in that the shepherds were so conscious of God's existence and power through their close contact with nature and they were watchful of evil predators that might attack the flock. The solitude and watchfulness of the shepherds made them worthy receivers of God's message. Thus Moses and David were shepherds and were deigned worthy to hear God.

The shepherds heard the angels and obeyed the angels that led them to Bethlehem, which symbolizes the Catholic Church where they found Jesus.

Mary kept and pondered them (or reasoned out the happenings by putting them into words) in her heart. She heard the angel; now she hears the shepherds and later on the Magi. She puts together the things she has heard and compared and considered them. Everything seems to point that Jesus is God. That He was man was obvious.
Mary's motherhood makes her the new mother of all those who have the image and likeness of her Son, Jesus Christ. She is principally the mother of Christ and, as such, mothers only those who are like Christ or who have the humility of Christ. It is difficult to imagine her as the mother of those different from her Son.

Those who are unlike Christ in humility and meekness are said to have Eve as their mother. Eve means the mother of all living beings. But because of her disobedience she gave birth to children in sin (original sin) who are spiritually dead. Those who are spiritually dead, because of their pride, can be described as children of Eve.
Eve, not being a good mother, gives birth to children who are spiritually dead and yet does nothing to bring them back to life. Most parents, or mothers, are like Eve. They give birth to children who are under the influence of sin and do nothing to free their children from sin. That is the picture of Eve's family.

Mary's family is made up of humble children, since humility is the image and likeness of Christ. Mary, in a very special way, takes care of her children, giving and maintaining their spiritual lives. Eve killed her offspring by her disobedience and unfaithfulness to God's commands...as most mothers do.

Mary's true children are recognized by this sign; in that they naturally lean to her. Sort of, a natural instinct inspired by faith prompts them to run to her in danger and in times of difficulties. They do not take refuge in smoking, alcohol, drugs, human consolations or other distractions.

Since Mary is the symbol of the Church, they, in turn, have a zealous fidelity to Holy Mother the Church. If one is faithful to the symbol, he must also be faithful to what is symbolized.




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