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Jesus is the Mediator, Mary is the Mediatrix , but in a manner different from her Son.  Jesus is the Mediator of Justice; meaning, He died for us so that, in justice, He paid for the sins of all men. Because He satisfied the demands of justice, He can demand from the Father. Christ acknowledges to the Father that we are sinners and debtors, but He paid up for our sins.

Mary is not a mediator in this manner. She did not die for us. Even if she did so, it would have been insufficient to cover up all the sins of mankind. As such, she cannot demand anything from the Father. She does not even join the prayer of Christ to the Father. Instead she joins her prayers to ours as we address them to Christ. Being the Mother Christ greatly improves our chances with Christ.

When Christ prays in Heaven, He prays in virtue of Himself. Mary does not pray in virtue of herself. She prays as we do, but, being the Mother of Christ, with more influence. Her special role in the Church is due to the special role and honor given to her by God--the Divine Maternity. He who honors her, therefore, honors her Son. Thus, in Christendom, two out of three churches are dedicated in her honor.

In fact, Mary's role is based on her tri-honor of being the pleasing daughter of the Father, being the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and being the Mother of Christ. Her special relationship with the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity is bound to make her very influential with God.

Mary's role as powerful Mediatrix is not a middle-age romantic figment of pietism. It is as solid as Christian doctrine itself. In depicting the Assumption of Our Lady, St. Ambrose repeats the short talks given by both Sts. Peter and Paul at the death of Mary. Both enunciated her role as Mediatrix for mankind.





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