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Slavery of the mind is that state in which man does not know the better alternative because he is so concerned with his own mind. This state of mind clogs the imagination, like a drug, so that a person cannot possibly thing of certain things at all.

He cannot even say, "I see what you mean," not only because he has never thought of the other's point of view but more because he has never thought at all.

St. Thomas Aquinas was a thinking man. Before he explained the knowledge of God, he had thought what the atheist is thinking. So St. Thomas begins with the thoughts of the atheist.  "Is there a god?"

Before the Pope condemned the heresy of modernism in Encyclicals, he first showed how the modernist thinks. Then he showed the error and condemned it.

Man today is ruled by his senses and not by his reason. He is unable to see how his opponents think; he is unable to think of his own opinions. 





(updated 08-23-02)

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