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Thomas was gross, i.e., hard to teach because he was not a deep thinker. When he demanded a proof, it was from the most unreliable sense--touch . . . "Unless I put my hands . . ." The sense of sight and hearing are superior senses. The disciples had told Thomas that Christ had risen. He heard, thus receiving more dependable proof, but demanded an inferior proof. 

A gross mind either easily believes or asks too many questions. Today, we live in an era of gross minds. Many easily believe in evolution through the "missing link"; their only proof is still missing. But present the Christian Life which Christ taught and most of the Christians would raise a howl and hurl a thousand questions, mostly, "do we really have to do that?"

To believe easily the things you hear and read while asking too many questions when it is God who speaks bespeaks of a shallow mind.

Thomas showed some shallowness but redeemed himself when Christ appeared. But Christ said: "Blessed are those who do not see but believe." For the Jews saw and heard Christ; but it was of no benefit to them. While thousands of saints never saw nor heard Christ but they believed. 

To believe in Christ is to obey His commands, to believe His promises and fear His threats, to walk as He walked. 





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