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When the Christian soul undertakes the journey towards holiness, the Holy Spirit at first makes all things easy for him, in order thus to sweeten the beginnings of the work of repentance. Then, only later does the Holy Spirit show him the way to holiness in its full truth and arduousness.

He helps the soul in all things; he impresses on him what works of repentance he should undertake and lays down the form and limits both as regards the body and the soul, until he brings him to complete conversion to God, his Creator.

For this purpose, He constantly urges him to give exertion to body and soul in order that both, being equally made holy, should equally become worthy heirs of eternal life.

The Christian person exerts the body in constant fasting, work and frequent vigils, and the soul in spiritual exercise and diligence in all forms of services, like acts of obedience. 

And, in these above activities, nothing must be done carelessly; everything must be done with care and the fear of God.

St. Anthony, the Hermit




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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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