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The Holy Spirit is attributed with two sets of gifts.  One set is essential for one's salvation; the other is needed when one is working for the salvation of others.    

Needless to say, God is the author of salvation.  He decides who will be saved.  But He had designed that men become co-workers in the work of salvation.    

The first set of gifts is necessary for one's salvation and is given to all those who are seriously working out their salvation with fear and trembling.  The first of these gifts is the "desire to be holy."  And next is the knowledge of the commands of Christ (which is the perfection of the Ten Commands of God).  Together with this is the knowledge on how to obey the commands of Christ.  Then the Holy Spirit sees to it that the soul remembers the commands of Christ and how to obey them.  "He will teach all things and recall to mind all that I have taught you."

The gifts given to holy people that they may cooperate with God in the work of saving others are given only occasionally.  This is why we see some apostles doing seemingly nothing for years. 

We must desire the first set of gifts of the Holy Spirit.  For how can we save others when we cannot even save ourselves?        




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