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I.   Scriptures described two events relating to storms at sea.  In the first, Christ was with the disciples in the boat; in the other, Christ was not with them.  The first incident showed Christ in the boat with His assuring presence.  In the other, He left them alone to test them further, to incite a greater longing for Himself and a continual remembrance of Him. 

II.   In this incident, Christ did not appear at once. . .to teach them not to hastily seek for deliverance from pressing dangers but to bear all occurrences manfully. 

III.   Instead of delivering them, Christ increased their fear by appearing as a ghost.  He did not calm the storm nor manifest Himself, thus instructing them further to endure.  Thus, Job, before being delivered from sorrow, suffered more: first, from his wife; then, servants and friends.  The more we are alarmed by troubles, the more we welcome His coming. 

IV.   Peter, in his ardour, required of Christ to do great things.  Peter knew the power of obedience; he was not after display; he did not say, "Let me walk on water."  Instead, he said: "Bid me to come to you."  Peter made a request of love.  And Christ said: "Come."  Christ allowed him to come that he may see his defect. . .that he lacked faith, therefore, he sank.  Peter was doing something great, but human nature crept in and he feared.  This shows it is useless to be near Christ physically unless you are near Him by faith. 

V.   Though Peter was the roughest and probably the most uneducated, the apostles gave him the first honours because Christ made him superior. 

Why didn't Christ stop the wind when Peter sank, but merely took his hand?  Because he was wanting in faith.  For when our part in the act of faith is wanting, we will sink.  It was not the wind's fault; it was his lack of faith that was Peter's downfall.  "Why did you doubt?"  So Christ let the winds blow to show it does not harm when faith is strong.  Peter was like a nesting bird jumping out of the nest before it is ready to fly.  Mother bird usually puts it back into the nest. 

VI.   In the first storm at sea, Christ calmed the storm and the disciples uttered a common adage, "Thou art the Son of God,"  In the second storm at sea, Christ did not calm the storm, but the disciples uttered a deeper truth, "Of truth, Thou art the Son of God."  Henceforward, they came to a true and full knowledge of HIM. 

St. John Crysostom, "On Matthew"







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