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He who loves his life will lose it.   But he who hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.  Who is he that loveth his life?  He who has unseemly desires; he who gratifies what he ought not.  Ecclesiasticus states: "Do not the desires of your heart because it will destroy you since it leads away from the path to virtue."

And who is he who hateth his life? He who yields not to his desires when it commands what is pernicious.  What does it mean to hate?  When we cannot endure to hear the voice of such a person;  when we cannot look at them with pleasure. So we must treat ourselves with violence and vehemence when we find ourselves seeking what is contrary to God's will.  

He who hates his life hates his own will and lovingly seeks the will of God.  And God's will is expressed in His commandments.  Obedience to the commands of Christ is so important  that this is the only reason God sends us sufferings.

"He learned obedience in what He suffered."  This is the gain of suffering. . . to learn obedience.  And we, too, must be obedient as He was obedient. . .even unto death.  "He was made perfect through suffering."  This is the way to perfection through suffering.  And, attaining this, you not only save yourself but you become to others also an abundant supply of salvation.  "Being made perfect in suffering, He became the author of salvation to them that obey Him." 







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