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The word "Pasch" connotes passing over from the slavery of Satan to a life of freedom with Christ; a passing over from an unstable world to His well-secured Kingdom; a passing over from this passing world to the ever-abiding presence of God.

The Egyptians also passed through the Red Sea but unto their destruction.

"The devil, having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot to BETRAY HIM."  To "betray Him" is a spiritual suggestion. It enters not the ears; it enters the thoughts. This was not a corporal suggestion. It was a spiritual suggestion. The devil suggests these thoughts and mingle them with one's human thoughts so that man may think that they are his own thoughts.

Judas, having learned nothing during his stay with Christ, had become a candidate to the instigation of the devil "to betray Him."  He came to the last supper to spy on the Shepherd, a plotter against the Redeemer, a seller of the Saviour. Judas, who went to deceive, didn't know he was the one deceived. He did not realize that Christ was, in fact, making use of his deception for the great work of salvation. Judas planned the great evil; but God would get the greatest good out of it. Judas could have contributed well to the act of redemption and, like the other apostles, become admired by the world. Unfortunately, he contributed evil which did not harm the good. 

First, Christ presented His majesty ". . .My Father has given Me all things. . .I come from the Father. . .I am going to the Father." Then, He showed His humility . . . He washed not their hands but their feet . . .even the feet of His betrayer.

Humility is a noble virtue. God was not ashamed to demonstrate it. Christ had all the virtues but exhibited HUMILITY most of the time. As Satan and his followers were lost because of PRIDE, Christ and His followers were saved  through humility. 

Judas, having learned nothing, betrayed Christ. Peter, having learned well, was filled with fear that the Son of God would wash his feet. "What I do to you, you do not understand, but you will know hereafter." Christ was showing humility but Peter was getting terrified at the depth of Christ's humility. Thus, Christ terrified Peter back to his senses. "If I do not wash your feet, you will have no part of Me." Presented by these two fears, Peter chose the right fear. . .the fear of losing Christ. "Lord, not only my feet, but also my hands and my head."







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