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(Matthew 2:1-12)

The Magi reached Jerusalem and announced to King Herod and the Jewish people that the King of the Jews was born...and added where they could find Him. At first Herod was disturbed, and understandably so, because that was a threat to his kingship that he was unlawfully holding on to since he was not a Jew. 

But why was the whole Jerusalem also disturbed? Were they not waiting for the Messiah? Herod and the Jews had one thing in common that caused them to be disturbed: they were sinners with no intention of being good. Such people are always disturbed. Evil people do not need anything to disturb them. 

The scribes confessed Christ by narrating all the prophecies concerning His birth; they ended up killing Him. He who confesses Christ does not necessarily follow Him. They could end up killing Him. 

Herod is an example of a sinner and one sick in the head. He felt the Magi tricked him. He became angry and killed innocent children. God allowed the killing of the children to show the insanity in Herod's mind, the fruit of anger and pride. The insane are always angry and victimize even the innocent. Their anger is irrational. 

Why did God allow that innocent children should die to satisfy the anger of an insane sinner? Well, they are all in heaven while Herod died a miserable death and ended up in hell. 

Herod was angry because he thought the Magi tricked him. Good people never trick anybody. It is God who tricks sinners. The Magi were without guile; and people without guile think everyone else is without guile. That's why they innocently asked Herod for directions. But God loves to thwart the plans of the proud. 

God instructed the Magi to go back to their land by another route. They obeyed God and Herod felt tricked. If you obey God, God will trick your enemies by your very obedience. You do not have to do anything to overcome your enemies. God will fight your battles. 


(updated 03-16-02)

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