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(MATTHEW 21:1-11; MARK 11:1-10; JOHN 12:12-16)

Within the space of one week, the Jews would shout, "Hosanna" and later, "Crucify Him." They would meet Him with palm branches and later slap Him. They would extol Him and later insult Him. They would lay down their cloaks before Him and later rip off His cloak. They would welcome Him as a king, and later throw Him out like a criminal.

Christ was a sign of contradiction in that He elicited contradicting reactions from people. And for those with little understanding, His teachings seem to be full of contradictions when, in truth, there is none. Sometimes He would do things secretly but, at other times, the same thing is done publicly.

What is evident is that as long as the souls are not corrupted, the Jews recognized what was right and shouted, "Hosanna." But under he corrupting influence of the Pharisees, they shouted, "Crucify Him." Most Christians are thus; they begin a good life and end up badly.







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