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When a person is about to leave this life, he tends to be romantic in the right sense and leave a memorial by which he will be remembered. One can be so impractical as to leave a pyramid as a memorial or be more sensible by leaving a sign of great love. . .if there was love.

Christ chose to leave behind, as a memorial, His greatest act of love for man.

A true act of love always consists of two elements: that the person is unmindful of his own and the act is always a humble act removing all grounds for pride. In the Eucharist, Christ brings to our mind His life, His purity and His passion.

In meditating on His passion, we must consider, firstly, the wickedness with which he was betrayed; secondly, the manner He was judged; thirdly, the cruelty with which He was crucified; and, fourthly, the glory with which He was raised.

The cross of Christ gives us two considerations: one is a mystery, the other is an example. The mystery is for our meditation, the example is for our imitation. The mystery is the manner by which Divine power operated: the exemplar is the devotion with which Christ fulfilled His mission for mankind.

The Passion of Christ removes all excuses man has for not being holy. It shows that temptations can be overcome, that persecutions are not insuperable nor death frightening for those who believe in Him.

Blessed Alonso de Orozco







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