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EASTER (JOHN 20: 1-9)

Christ died for us; He requires that we, also, die for Him. Before, it was difficult to die for someone, even if he is a loved one. But with the death of Christ, the sting of death was removed. It was His Resurrection that removed the fear. 

The message of Passion Week is that we have a task and a corresponding reward. Our task is to deny ourselves and lay down our lives in the service of God; our reward is our own resurrection.

All men are to suffer; but a few are chosen to suffer for Christ. All men are destined to die; but only a few are selected to die for Christ. The rest are called to live godly lives.

All who die for Christ have paid back what was spent for them. We can pay because, by His death, He gave us the means to pay. Christ gave His life for us; we give up our lives for Christ.

The Jews did not kill Jesus. It was God who decreed where and when Christ would die. The Jews merely committed the sin. Christ had the power to lay it down and to take it up. "Nobody can take it away from me." The Jews exhibited sin, not power.

The Resurrection is a covenant. As God, Christ could not die. So, He took death from us. As man, we could not live: so we took life from Him. It is a bargain; Christ gave us something, we give Him something. From us, He received death; from Him we received life.

St. Augustine







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