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Daniel, wise at the age of twelve, convicted the elders, who in vain carried their grey hairs, of being false accusers. Samuel, while still a child, reproved Eli who was ninety years old for giving honour to his sons rather than to God. 

In like manner, Jeremiah also received this message from God, "Say not I am a child." Solomon was made king at twelve years of age and gave that terrible and difficult judgment in the case of the two women concerning their children. At eight, Josiah cast down the altars and temples of the idols and burned down the groves for they were dedicated to demons and not to God. 

Youth is not to be despised when it is devoted to God. But he is to be despised who is of a wicked mind, although he be old and full of wicked days. 

As a boy, Daniel judged old men and, in the flower of youth, condemned the incontinence of old age. 

Blaesilla...attained in a short time of her youth a long time of virtue. 

Sts. Jerome and Ignatius 

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The women who ought to scandalize Christians are those who paint their eyes and lips with rouge and cosmetics; whose chalked faces, unnaturally white, are like idols; upon whose cheeks every chance tear leaves a furrow; who fail to realize that years make them old; who heap their heads with hair not their own; who smooth their faces and rub out the wrinkles of age; and who, in the presence of their grandsons, behave like trembling schoolgirls. 

With what confidence can a woman raise features to heaven which her Creator fails to recognize?

St. Jerome







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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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