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St. Alphonsus Liguori is often quoted as saying that devotion to St. Michael and the Holy Angels is a mark of predestination. 

St. Denis, called "Philangelus", i.e. the friend of angels, wrote inspiringly of them.  Pope St. Leo the Great advises us to "make friends with the holy angels and we shall find in them most loving companions in our earthly exile, our champions against the malice and rage of the devils, our advocates at the judgment seat of God and our amiable companions in bliss and glory throughout the endless eternity."

If we were to realize the affection they bear us and the care with which they guard our souls, we should be inflamed with real love for them.  Origen says that these blessed spirits aid us in all our acts of religion by uniting their supplications to ours.  St. Augustine adds, "These angels have compassion for us and, at God's command, they hasten to our aid so that we, too, may eventually arrive at our common fatherland. 


* * *



There are two angels with man -- one of righteousness, the other of iniquity.  The angel of righteousness is mild and modest and gentle and quiet.  When, therefore, he gets into thy heart, immediately he talks with thee of righteousness, of modesty, of chastity, of bountifulness, of forgiveness and of piety.  When all these things come into thy heart, know that the angel of righteousness is with thee.  Wherefore, hearken to this angel, and do his holy and beautiful works.  But, as for the angel of iniquity -- he is, first of all, bitter and angry and foolish; and his works are pernicious to a degree and overthrow the servants of God.  When, therefore, these things come into thy heart, thou shalt know by them that this is the angel of iniquity.  

St. Hermes


* * *



In the old Testament, Lot and Joshua venerated the angels for they were far below these spirits in dignity. But when Christ took on human flesh, the angels came down to our level. And so, John, when he bowed down before an angel, was restrained by the same angel, saying: "You must not do that. I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren."

So, do nothing to degrade yourself for we are meant to be citizens of God and equals of angels. This is our due honor; let us live accordingly.

St. Gregory the Great


* * *



When tempted, invoke your angel. He is more eager to help you than you are to be helped. Ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him; he trembles and flees at your guardian angel's sight.

St. John Bosco


* * *


As Christ was pleased to be comforted by an angel, so was it necessary that the Virgin should be encouraged by one. 

St. Peter Chrysologus


* * *


Are the guardian angels standing by us, or are they still at a great distance? For, until they come close to us, our efforts are vain and futile. Our prayers have neither the power of access nor the wings of purity to take them and bring them to the Lord.

St. John Climacus







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