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Man, seek thou not outward beauty in a wife, but for beauty of soul. Outward beauty is full of conceit, and disease may prematurely spoil the whole.  Seek, then, for a wife full of affection, modesty, gentleness; these are the precious characteristics of true beauty.  How many husbands, after living with beautiful wives, have ended their lives pitiably.  And how many husbands who have lived with wives of no great beauty have run on to extreme old age with great enjoyment?  Let us wipe off the spot that is within; let us smooth the wrinkles on the soul; such is the beauty God requires; and the wife will then be fair in His sight, if not thine also.

Wife, do not love thy husband more than God, and thou shalt not experience widowhood; or, rather, if it should ever happen, thou shalt not have the feeling of it.  Why?  Because thou hast an immortal Protector who loves thee better.

Husband, give honour to thy wife, and she will not need honour from other.  Prefer her before all on every account, and her very name mention with terms of endearment.  Teach her the fear of the Lord, and all good things will flow in smoothly to thee as from an exhaustless fountain, and thy house will be full of ten thousand benedictions.

Saint John Chrysostom







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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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