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Answers of the Great Masters of the Spiritual Life to the Questions of Their Disciples.


Disciple: Why did the Lord become man?

Master: For our salvation. This the Creed tells us everyday.

Disciple: What do you mean?

Master: Man, made by God in Paradise, disobeyed God’s commandments and became subject to corruption and death.

Disciple: Then…

Master: And, though, outside Paradise God guided him by His Providence, man increased in his evil ways led on by various fleshy passions. Then he began to despair.

Disciple: It was when man was in darkness and in the shadow of death that God came?

Master: Yes, to show us a godlike way of life composed of commandments. To those who obey He promised the kingdom of heaven. To those who disobey He threatened with eternal punishment.

Disciple: So the purpose of His whole life here on earth…?

Master: His life was an example and a help to those who struggle to keep His commands for the sanctification of their souls.

St. Maximus the Confessor





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