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Avoid the envenomed tongue of the devil who from the beginning of the world lies that he may deceive, cajoles that he may injure, promises good that he may give evil, promises life that he may put to death. 

He creeps on us secretly by the appearance of peace; he steals forward by hidden approaches, whence also he has received the name of the serpent. 

Unable to overwhelm the solder of  Christ with his devilish weapon, he lays in wait to slay Christ's soldier by his own weapon. 

The devil attacks only the camp of Christ. He despises and passes by sinners and heretics. 

In the Old Testament, the devil did not realize the extent of his punishment. But after the coming of Christ, he realized that his punishment is eternal fire which was laid up and prepared for him and his angels. He, then, began to plot without ceasing against the faithful, being desirous to have many companions in his apostasy. Your company in hell is his only perverted consolation. 


Sts. Justin, Cyprian and J. Cassian






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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                             - Teresa of Avila


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