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As thought comes before speech, the remembrance of death comes before a virtuous life. To be reminded of death each day is to die each day.


Fear of death is a property of nature because of its disobedience; but terror of death is a sign of unrepented sins. Even saints are afraid to die but definitely not terrified.


Just as bread is the most necessary food for the body, the thought of death is the most essential work of the mind who wishes to attain virtue.


The remembrance of death is laborious but makes all dishonors that comes sweet. And for those living away from society, it brings freedom from worries and an atmosphere of prayer.


Many have a false fear of death; and they can be distinguished as tin from silver, though they look alike. Those who have the right fear of death are clearly distinguished in that they can freely withdraw from everything created and are able to renounce their will.


John Climacus







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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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