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For those who have renounced the world and are living here as guests and strangers, anticipate the day assigned to each of us for our homecoming.  This day will snatch us up, set us free from the snares of the world, and return us to Paradise and the kingdom.


Who, in foreign lands, wouldn't hurry to return to their own country?  Who, when rushing to return to his friends, wouldn't eagerly want the winds at his back so that he could embrace those dear to him sooner?


We consider paradise as our country.  We already consider the patriarchs as our parents.  Why don't we hurry and run, so that we can see our country and greet our parents? 


A great number of our dear ones are waiting for us there.  A dense crowd of parents, brothers and children are longing for us, already assured of their own safety and eager for our salvation.


Beloved, let us hurry to these people eagerly.  Let us long to be with them and to come to Christ quickly. May God see our eager desire.  May the Lord Jesus Christ look at the purpose of our mind and faith.  He will give the larger reward of His glory to those with a greater desire for Him.


St. Cyprian













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