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There is in this, our time, a fancy that, whenever things go wrong, we need a practical man. The opposite is truer; we need an unpractical man. A practical man is one who does things the way things were done. But what if this does not work? We need a thinker -- one who knows why things worked in the first place. 

Isn't it amazing that the problems in early civilization were solved by monks and hermits who were not part of the world? And all because they were first and foremost thinkers; they knew how things were supposed to be, i.e., when things worked well. A monk does not have to be married and have problems to know the solutions to marriage problems.  He should simply know how Joseph and Mary  would have solved marriage problems.

The practical man wants to be on the winning side. But how can there be a winning side if there is no battle? The impractical man, moved by idealism, fights the battle and prays he wins. Our politicians are all practical men, making practical laws. By protecting the rights of criminals, they violate the rights of the innocent. And they call that accomplishment. If they were thinkers they would accomplish something good for all. 

The Catholic religion is not a practical solution for the practical man. To give up all things rather than possess? To deny oneself rather than indulge? How impractical. The Catholic religion is a thinker's solution. The fact it was instituted by Christ, a God, should make us think. . .that it is probably the best solution.





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