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        You can't understand the nature of humanity unless you first examine the nature of divinity.   

        How can a person perform his social duty if he doesn't understand what binds mankind together?  Man is different from the wild beast.  Beasts are always looking down at the earth, gazing at their food.  But man stands erect.  His face is turned toward heaven.  His thoughts and his conversation are of heaven.  For this reason, he looks up to God.  No person has the right or reason to be ignorant of the celestial glory that is imprinted on our eyes and senses.

        It is wrong to seek on earth what can only be found on high. 

        So those people who say that the universe just happened have neither mind nor sense.  Apparently, they don't even have the ability to see. For what is more obvious when you look around except some Deity of supreme intelligence infusing it with life. 

        Look how man bases his calendar on the ordered movement of the sun and stars and how man orders his day according to the regular setting and rising of the sun.  See how navigators use the stars to find their way.  And no one made these guides?  It takes intelligence to see that there is Someone more intelligent than man who made these guides. 

        The seasons and its different sights of sun, rain, snow and flowers, the changing times for flowerings of plants and bearing of fruits. . .all of which cannot be disturbed by man. . . could only be made by a Great Intelligence. 

        And look at ourselves.  The position of our eyes, nose and mouth, all designed without our help -- all parts at the same place but still make each of us look differently. 

        The perfect timing within the human body:  when a child is conceived, the preparation of the mother's breast for milk for feeding and the ceasing of milk when the child no longer needs it. 

        See how England, not receiving much sunlight, is warmed by the sea and arid Egypt is refreshed by the great Nile.

        When you see a house well arranged and adorned, you will believe in a master who is greater than the house.  The world was well arranged and adorned.  Someone greater must have arranged this.  The Universe, the skies, the earth are all well adorned and managed.  You must first know who did this, otherwise, you will never know who you are. 

Octavius' In Defense of Christianity









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