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He who holds not unity holds not the law of God, holds not the faith of Father and Son, holds not the faith unto salvation.

How is unity preserved? Paul answered - "In the bond of peace." It is not possible that unity should exist in enmity and discord. The Apostles would have us linked and tied one to another; not simply that we be at peace, not simply that we love another, but that, in all, there should be but one soul. A glorious bond this. With this bond, let us bind ourselves together, alike to one another and to God.

Labour with one another; contend together, run together, suffer together, do all things together, as the stewards and servants of Christ. Let your faith be as your helmet, your charity as your spear, your patience as your whole armour. Let your united labours be your one charge, so that you may receive one steward.

We dwell in Christ when we are His members, and He dwelleth in us when we are His temple; but that we should be His members, unity doth knit and compact us together.

Specious indeed is the name of peace, and fair the very thought of unity; but who can doubt that unity of the Church and of the Gospels alone is peace which preserves the unity of Christ.

Saints Hilary, Augustine, Ignatius, Cyprian and John Chrysostom








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