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The Christian woman gets her power from her heart and from her position in the family. From her heart comes tenderness, sweetness, spirit of sacrifice, daintiness and intuition; and from this, daughter controls father; wife, husband; sister, brother; and mother controls children. The more humble a woman is, the more she is treated as a queen. Woman's virtue is what elevates man's heart to God; it is woman's sacrifice that sustains man. Weaker than men physically, she surpasses man spiritually.

She is prone to pure love, capable of immolating herself in silence and smile through her tears; and with the sweetness of her gaze, she induces man to control his anger. God made woman so wonderfully to fulfill a mission.

First, a domestic mission as a daughter, wife and mother, which makes her more present at home than man. She rules in secret: "Bring me to Church" is her way of sending her husband to Church.

Woman is elevated to the peak of her influence in motherhood. It is the mother who fashions the souls of children. The happiness or unhappiness in a home weighs heavily on the mother.

God was most generous in the creation of a woman; but her gifts are for a mission. God made woman to be man's helper. Helper in what? In his sufferings. . . for man will go crazy if he suffers alone. In his joys. . . for man is doubly happy when someone is happy with him. In his way to heaven. . . for it is easier to go to heaven in community with another. Eve used these gifts to drag Adam into Sin. Mary restored the sublime mission of woman, uplifted man, detaching him from the earth, leading him back to heaven. 

Today, the Christian woman has not known how to guide herself along the path of modern civilization; she has not known how to defend and safeguard the vital ramparts of spiritual values. She has allowed herself to be drawn into the maelstrom by becoming an object of amusement and pleasure, by becoming a plaything in life, by becoming an instrument of corruption, ruin and sin. 

Do not distract the Christian woman from her mission; do so and she becomes a misfit.









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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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