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Only a man who is willing to suffer for his wife will suffer for Christ. "The Lord has heard the sound of my weeping; the Lord accepts my prayers." So, weep for your husband or wife and children when you see them led astray.

Marriage is a mystery, not a comedy. So, don't make fun of it. If you cannot respect the institution, respect, at least, what it signifies. It signifies deep spiritual truths. That's why Christians celebrate their weddings quietly and decently, with reverence and modesty.

The mystery of love is that the lover must decrease that he may increase. So, at the beginning, there was only one. The one became two; now the two must decrease that they increase to three. But the three remains one because the husband is the head and the wife, the body. God honors husband and wife above child and parents.

Wives, when you marry, remember you are placing a head on the body. So, look for a husband who will make a find head on your body. Don't look at the money, the nationality or at his social status. Look for piety, gentleness, wisdom and fear of the Lord. To do otherwise is to hurt yourself.

Parents, pray that your children each find a virtuous spouse; entrust this concern of yours into His hands.

On the day of the wedding, prepare austerely. A wedding is not a pageant or a theatrical performance. Invite only people of good character. Avoid bands and orchestra; but prepare your house beautifully. Then, invite Christ in the poor. The bride must be dressed modestly. From the beginning let all shun excess. The only abundance must be in spiritual joy.

St. John Chrysostom: "On Col. 4:18"








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