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The teachings of Christ seem contradictory; for He says in one part, "I came to bring peace," but in another part, "I came to bring the sword." He also said He came to unite, but in another part that He came to divide. Among His more popular commands is to love but somewhere else, He told us to hate.

The Christian, therefore, becomes a contradiction. For he can say he is the greatest among creatures but the worst among sinners.

It is this contradiction that shows the great freedom of Christians. A pagan may love someone and hate another; but his lack of freedom prevents him from loving and hating the same person. He has no free control of his emotions.

But a Christian can do both. He can hate the sin but love the sinner; thus he loves and hates a person at the same time. The person he forgives seventy times seven; the sin he does not forgive.

Christian freedom consists in letting love and hate run wild without hurting anyone and without offending God.  Here man attains the liberation of his human nature and total freedom.  








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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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