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Christian Living, the Central Point of Catholic Doctrine

Sacraments are useless without Christian Living. Baptism, through which we received God's life in us, is useless since we shall lose it almost immediately because of our fallen nature. It is only useful for those who die while still babies. One can receive all the sacraments but, without Christian Living, one can lose his soul. Take note of St. Paul's warning on receiving the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily, i.e. without the accompanying Christian Life.

Believing all the truths of the Apostles' Creed is useless without Christian Living. Most Protestant sects recite not only the Apostles' Creed but even the Nicene Creed. It is said that the Pharisees knew all the doctrines and truths but it was the good thief, who was ignorant of most truths, who went to heaven. 

The Ten Commandments, being of the Old Testament, is insufficient for salvation. One can obey the Ten Commandments, like the young rich man who obeyed them from his youth, and still sadden Christ. 

So, Part III, Section I, of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, i.e. on Christian Life, is the center of our Catholic Life. All the rest are helps for the acquisition, maintenance and perfection of this life. 

Through Baptism, we become part of the Church, the Bride of Christ. Through Christian Living, we become FAITHFUL Brides of Christ. Without Christian Living, we become spiritual adulterers.

There is only one way of Christian Living. The seeming differences in the lives of the saints is not in the way of life. It is, firstly, in the personal defects the saints are overcoming; henceforth, the specific evangelical medicine would be different for each. The life of an aspiring saint overcoming drunkenness will be slightly different from one overcoming anger.

Then, there is the occasion for good works. The life of one aspiring for holiness amidst the poverty in India will be different from the life of one in Sweden. 

Then there is the role one plays in the Mystical Body; a Bishop rules, a monk prays, a doctor of the Church writes. 

St. Francis de Sales stated that it is heresy to say that Christian Life is not for soldiers, mechanics, princes and married couples. St. Crispin in the workshop, St. Monica the mother, Sts. Cornelius and Sebastian the soldiers, St. Edward the King--all became saints by living the perfection of Christian life in their  state of life. 







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