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The Commands of Christ Make Up Christian Living

We must know and obey all the commands of Christ because a minor disobedience is like a crack in a building; the damage can slowly go all the way to the whole structure, making the spiritual edifice defective.

Today, we are surrounded by countless teachers claiming to teach the Christian way of life. Know that there is only one way; the rest are false. And how can we detect the true way from the false? The true way consists in obedience to all the commands of Christ; the false way has additions, but more often subtractions, from many commands of Christ.

Christ commanded the Apostles to teach ALL the commands. We must know all, otherwise, we will not be able to detect which is true and which is false.

St. Francis de Sales warned: "Many Christians tend to paint Christian Life according to their own fancies. One prays at midnight but his heart is full of hatred. Another lives soberly, not drinking and smoking but lies about his neighbor. Another gives materially to the less fortunate but shows no kindness to the same. Another helps in church but is arrogant towards his servants. Yet all of these believe they are living the Christian Life.

St. Francis continues by saying that most Christians are, in fact, living a way of life that is nothing more than a caricature or illusion of Christian Life.  








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