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I.  Introduction.

     Christian Life is no secret. Christ taught it to His Church both by word and example. Ignorance of it can only be by choice. The Holy Spirit continues to instruct the Church through the saints today. So we are left with ho reason to be ignorant of it.

     The way of Christian Living is one and the same; but it may be presented in a multitude of different ways, like a bouquet of flowers arranged in different ways, but containing the same flowers. Christian Living may also be presented like a diamond; the same diamond but different angles of dazzling beauty.

II.  Frequent pretexts for not living the Christian Life.

     Man's most frequent excuse is the impossibility of living the perfection of Christian Life in the world. So the knowledge of it was neither sought nor taught. 

     Popes, bishops and monks go to heaven because they live the fullness of Christian Life. It is the same identical way that the man in the market place and the wife in the kitchen must take to reach heaven.

     Man also likes to say that this way of life is only for religious and persons totally dedicated to God. But then, the list of saints in the Church is made up mostly of ordinary people: St. Thomas More, a lawyer and Blessed Barbie Acarie, a housewife.

     Let us throw away such excuses. . .in truth, these are heresies and know that we can and we ought to live the Christian Life in its perfection: "Be ye perfect as My Heavenly Father is perfect."

     Those who cling to such excuses are like the multitude in the multiplication of the bread and the young rich man who turned their backs to Christ. . .while keeping the trappings of Christianity.








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