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Hegesippus, an ecclesiastical writer for the Church wrote five books on the true transition of the Apostolic Tradition in a most simple style.  Writing about himself, he showed that his conversion was not without reason but that it was the result of deliberation on his part.  

Though delighted by the doctrines of Plato and hearing only slanders against Christians, Hegesippus saw that they were afraid neither of death nor of anything else ordinarily looked upon as fearful.  It is impossible for such persons, he concluded, to be living in wickedness and pleasure; for pleasure-loving or intemperate men will not welcome death and will not easily give up  present enjoyments.  

About this time, Serennius Granianus, wrote Adrian on behalf of the Christians.  Adrian, in turn, commanded Minucius Fundanus to condemn no Christians without an indictment and a well-grounded accusation.  This epistle of Adrian is a legal edict of human justice unsurpassed even today.   (c. 138 A.D.)   

Eusebius:  Church History








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