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The Ebionites were Christians who considered Christ as a plain and common man but with superior virtues.  They also believed that Christ was conceived and born like ordinary men.  They rejected the epistles of the apostles whom they considered apostates from the law.  They believed only the Gospel according to the Hebrews.  

They observed all the Jewish ceremonial laws.  Because of the poverty of their knowledge and understanding, they received the name Ebionite, meaning "poor man."  


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The follower of a heretical doctrine is called a heretic; but the author of a heresy is called a heresiarch.  Corinthus claimed he had revelations written by an apostle and revelations from angels.  He preached a period of a thousand years of marriage festival.  He taught that Christ's kingdom is an earthly one consisting in eating, drinking and marrying.  

Once, when the apostle John entered a building, learning Corinthus was in the same building, he rushed out, unable to bear being under the same roof as the heresiarch.


* * *



Mentioned in the Apocalypse of John, these heretics claimed their founder was Nicolaus, one of the first deacons.  In truth, the heretics misinterpreted and corrupted a statement of Nicolaus, "to abuse the flesh," taking it to mean to live a life of licentiousness.

Nicolaus had a beautiful wife whom he dearly loved and whom he eventually gave up.  He never committed fornication; his daughters lived as virgins up to their old age, and his son remained uncorrupted.  When Nicolaus said, "to abuse the flesh," he was inculcating self-control in the face of these pleasures that are eagerly pursued.  


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Among the apostles, Peter and Philip were stated to have children.  Philip is known to have given up a daughter in marriage.  

It is narrated that when Peter saw his wife being led to death, he rejoiced because of her summons and her return home to heaven.  Addressing her by name, Peter said, "Oh thou, remember the Lord."  Such were the marriages among the apostles, and their perfect disposition towards those dearest to them.   


Eusebius:  Church History








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