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There is one thing in this world that is different from others because it has a personality and a force. When recognized, it is violently loved or hated. It is the Catholic Church. 

Within its walls, the soul has a roof and a hearth. Outside, it is darkness, confusion and hatred. Sadly, most Catholics are outside, shown by their ignorance of the commandments of Christ. And if the commands of Christ are presented to them, their reaction is hatred. This comes from both laymen and the clergy. 

Christ's Apostolic Commission to His apostles was to "teach ALL that I have commanded and HOW to observe them." Ignorance and hatred for these commands have been the root cause of all the evils that have beset the Catholic Church. And these evils are from within ... as all heresies and apostasies are from within. 

It is the Catholic Church, specially the early monks in Patrick, Augustine, Boniface, Cassian, Isidore, Leander which inspired and formed the Great Western Civilization from the destructive tendencies of barbarism. As long as the Catholic religion influenced civilization, that civilization rose to its golden era. 

But as the influence of that mighty institution, the Catholic Church, gradually waned, or as society slowly abandoned her precepts either out of ignorance or rejection, as in fact has been happening for a few hundred years, but specially now, culture and civilization have gone to night time. The primary cause? The clergy's ignorance of the commands of Christ and therefore their inability to perform the apostolic admonition on what to teach. 

Rising out of paganism, we are now experiencing a return to a new paganism with a new cruel barbarism, different from the old paganism and barbarism of our forefathers. This modern barbaric paganism is more destructive and more difficult to convert. This is evident all around us and more specially in the actions of politicians and businessmen and, sadly, even among the clergy. Their thoughts, words and actions are devoid of charity, all natural affection between parents and children are non-existent and all loyalty among friends are gone. Everyone is ready to betray for a price. 

No one will admit he is behaving like a pagan because no one knows how the barbaric pagan behaved before. But it is paganism though it will not be called so; because modern pagans wear a coat and tie, speak good English, and eat with spoon, fork and napkins...but the way they treat their neighbors is totally without Christian charity, in disobedience to the commands of Christ.

Augustine in England, Boniface in Germany, Patrick in Ireland and other early preachers raised souls from paganism to Christianity by obeying the Apostolic Commission of Christ, "teaching all My commands and how to observe them." Most of the men of the Church do not know the commands of Christ and, much less, how to observe them.  And if shown what these commands are, they show hatred for them. This attitude is disastrous and will exacerbate the already declining influence of the Catholic Church in society. With these state of affairs within the Church, we can only have serious misgivings about the future. 





(updated 07-30-02)


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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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