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Those who praise the wrongs they do must be reminded that they offend others more by their mouth than by their deeds. The evil they do might be personal but their words harm those who hear them and, likewise, those instructed by their extolling their evil deeds.  

If they do not want to stop their evil, at least stop talking about it. They should be content to damning themselves without having to include others.  

Tell them if they are not afraid to be wicked, to at least be ashamed at being known as wicked. A sin that is concealed is easily avoided. On the other hand, when a man is shameless and notoriously wicked, the more he commits evil; and the more he thinks it is not evil, the more immersed he becomes in evil.  

"They have proclaimed their sin and have not hid it." Sins in words are sins in act. Sin that is cried out publicly is sin committed with deliberation.

St. Gregory the Great: Pastoral Care, Chapter 31, Part III






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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila

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