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The sincere should be commended for always telling the truth but they should also know how to withhold the truth on occasions.  Just as falsehood always harms, telling the truth sometimes does harm.  The Lord always wants our speech to be tempered with silence.  

The sincere are admonished to avoid deceit but to speak the truth only if it is profitable. 

The insincere must realize the burden that accompanies duplicity.  For, in the fear of discovery, they even try to defend themselves dishonorably.  The easiest to defend is sincerity and truth. The hardest to defend is deceit. 

The insincere hide their faults; they shrink from being known for what they are so they conceal themselves in a veil of deceit. . . "He that walketh sincerely walketh confidently."  For sincerity of conduct is an assurance of great security.  "The Holy Spirit of discipline will flee from the deceitful." 

It is the particular evil of the double-minded that, while they deceive others by their perverse and double dealing conduct, they glory as though they were singularly prudent beyond others.

St. Gregory the Great: Pastoral Care, Part II






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