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The obstinate must be told that they think too highly of themselves as their reason why they reject advice from others. The fickle over-hesitate even when decisions can be made. The obstinate will always choose their own judgment. The fickle choose everything that comes with discriminating. To the former, St. Paul says: "Be not wise in your own conceit;" to the latter, he says: "Let us not be carried about with every wind of doctrine."

Obstinacy is begotten of pride; fickleness, by irresolution. But the wise and holy person is always consistent because he is at peace in his conviction and keeps up his good deeds.

The obstinate must overcome his pride by seeing that the Son of God did not seek His own will but the will of the Father. If the Son of God acquiesced to another's will, why not man?

The fickle must strengthen his mind by cutting off levity.

St. Gregory the Great: Pastoral Care, Part  III. 18






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